Page 16 - 2021 Annual Report
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Imagine Your Parks2
How we are Meeting our Goals
BREC is the largest and oldest park system in Louisiana, celebrating its 75th birthday in October 2021. BREC enjoys a very high level of community involvement and support to keep the park system vibrant and relevant to meet the ever-changing needs of the community and the challenges provided by nature and man-made events.
In 2004, BREC launched the Imagine Your Parks strategic/master plan to transform what had become an aging, neighborhood- based park system with special use facilities into more of a ‘hub and spoke’ model park system with twelve (soon to be thirteen) large, staffed community parks, serving as a hub for programming activity, with other surrounding neighborhood parks as well as parish-wide special interest facilities. Community parks contain enough amenities to entertain guests for an entire day; neighborhood parks serve the needs of their respective neighborhoods; and special interest facilities serve specific interests of all parish residents, regardless of location.
In 2014 BREC updated its vision for parks and recreation for the coming decade. Imagine Your Parks2 considers changes in the park system over the prior decade, new trends in recreation, changes in parish demographics and economy, and input from the community. It establishes eight strategic directions and an action plan for success. In the following pages, you’ll find a summary of the goals and progress report.

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