Page 15 - BREC's 2019 Annual Report
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                                                                          FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY
Continue to place a priority on the wise use of taxpayer dollars.
2018/2019 Progress: BREC’s Internal Audit function led a comprehensive effort to analyze BREC’s workflows and processes with the agency’s Executive Staff through its IT Steering Committee to determine how to become more operationally efficient through technology. The result was agency-wide buy-in and Commission approval to purchase a new ERP system as well as software systems for BREC’s public facing departments, Planning and Engineering and Park Operations. The 24-month implementation process has been branded as the POINT Project and was unveiled with an agency-wide presentation and video, logoed shirts, giveaways and food to give the event a celebratory feeling.
2020 & Beyond: BREC staff from across the agency will continue working collaboratively on BREC’s strategic software initiative over the next few years to streamline and automate workflows and processes.
Continue innovation in recreation programming.
2018/2019 Progress: The Recreation Department worked with Planning and Engineering to commission an updated parish wide needs assessment survey, the results of which were used to develop the 2019 program and events calendar by aligning it with new trends, market demands and community-wide needs. After a tragic 2016 event involving the shooting of an African American man by police and the subsequent shooting of three local police officers, BREC responded with a new program to bring local law enforcement into high crime areas to answer questions, demonstrate their gear, and connect with youth in those communities. This program continues to grow and has recently brought law enforcement into multiple holiday events, sports programs and an end of summer field day with all recreation camps.
2020 & Beyond: Increase program diversity to further expand social equity efforts within the parish by targeting social interest groups, low socioeconomic areas and individuals with disabilities. Creation of new engaging programs and events utilizing modified development methods and delivery models to the public.

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