Page 8 - 2021 Annual Report
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  As residents of the parish continue to rely on BREC to meet rapidly increasing needs, obtaining additional funding to meet those needs has become increasingly important. With an intentional focus on high-quality grant writing, BREC recently secured almost $35 Million in grants to construct trails, more green infrastructure, state-of-the-art recreation centers to house first responders/staging areas during disasters and improve ballfield lighting.
BREC began a strategic initiative to streamline internal processes and data, to provide more reporting for better decision-making, and to improve customer experiences. The project included the implementation of new software systems for customers to reserve golf tee times and admission for the Zoo, as well as sales for both. The new systems offer streamlined check-in at golf courses, with 10.6% of customers pre-paying through the system. All customers receive customized post round surveys facilitating greater customer interaction and increased feedback. 12.15% of Zoo customers purchased online tickets in 2021 with gift card sales increasing 569%. Memberships are now digital as well, offering the ability to track member sales and promote better customer relationship management.
Other than pay, the top request from staff in employee engagement surveys is training. BREC’s Training division, purchased a new Learning Management Software and created an extensive online training library in addition to in-person trainings, including customer service and supervisory training. The software allows both staff members and supervisors to keep track of trainings taken, assign courses and know when trainings are overdue.
Continuous Improvement:
3 Internal Initiatives to Better Serve our Community

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