Page 4 - BREC's 2019 Annual Report
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Vision Statement
Dear friends,
In January of this year, I celebrated my first anniversary as BREC’s Superintendent. The 2019 annual report is a summary of the many accomplishments achieved by the BREC team during this busy year, the first of which is earning an unprecedented sixth national accreditation. BREC was one of the first agencies in the country to achieve that status and has gone through the lengthy process every five years since. In 2019, we met `150 out of 151 standards and were recognized at the National Recreation and Park Association (NRPA) annual conference as one of two systems to achieve national accreditation in 1994. At that same conference, BREC was also recognized as a finalist for NRPA’s prestigious National Gold Medal Award for the fourth year in a row competing with systems in Fairfax, Virginia, Chicago and Mesa, Arizona. The report below mirrors the application we submitted in April of this year so you can see the criteria by which we are judged.
The BREC leadership team welcomed Aneatra Boykin, CLO, Andrea Roberts, COO and RaHarold Lawson, Park Operations Director to its ranks after my promotion and the retirement of Justin Smith. All three have hit the ground running and have been strong additions to our agency. Andrea will continue overseeing the agency wide effort to implement the Munis ERP financial management software system. The 18-month process will allow BREC to operate in a more efficient and transparent manner and is one of many projects underway to modernize all of BREC’s business and data gathering functions.

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