Page 19 - 2021 Annual Report
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Increase local awareness of BREC’s programs and facilities and the overall value of BREC.
[2020/2021 PROGRESS] In March 2020, BREC Communications had a three-day notice that all events and programs would be canceled due to the pandemic. While preparing to work remotely, staff created the “Play it Safe” campaign, urging residents to safely use green spaces and trails to remain healthy and active while other areas of the park system were closed and “Refresh Outdoors + Online” which created 70+ behind the scenes video experiences and how-to videos as well as 24 activity sheets (in English and Spanish). The campaigns contributed to a 41% increase in use of trails and green spaces, and golf courses and the Zoo set records for attendance. BREC’s social media pages also saw a spike with a 172% increase in reach on the main Facebook page alone. In 2021, BREC’s Communications department underwent an external audit of processes and procedures and issued an RFP for an update of BREC’s website.
[2022 + BEYOND] BREC Communications will implement recommendations from the audit, launch its updated website, and use newly developed event debrief reports and monthly reports on the usage of deptartment services to make more data-driven decisions about marketing.
STRENGTHEN + LEVERAGE PARTNERSHIPS Strengthen and create new partners, including the BREC Foundation to achieve common goals and leverage resources.
[2020/2021 PROGRESS] BREC worked with Pros Consulting to create an action plan for maximizing and strengthening existing partnerships and discovering opportunities where strategic partnerships can optimize BREC’s services to the community, which led to the creation of a Partnership and Development division of BREC to create policies and procedures governing partnerships and sponsorships and streamline fundraising efforts in an effort to better leverage community resources to meet BREC’s mission and community needs.
[2022 + BEYOND] The new division is evaluating all current partnerships and creating new innovative partnerships, working with a national consultant to identify valuable sponsorship opportunities throughout the park system, and is currently conducting extensive community engagement outreach to create new policies and mechanisms to gain more on-going community input about BREC parks.
Ensure that BREC’s parks and facilities are operated and maintained efficiently according to best practices and to define standards for park types.
[2020/2021 PROGRESS] BREC’s Park Operations Department updated the standards of service for each classification of park: community, neighborhood, and special use facility. Trained maintenance staff are required to meet those standards on a weekly basis. Throughout 2020, Park Ops staff focused on sanitizing parks and facilities (closed or open), not only to ensure the community felt safe, but to also respond to higher usage of BREC parks and amenities and ensure that social distancing guidelines were followed. In 2021, BREC’s Park Operations staff not only dealt with the impacts of the pandemic but also with those of an ice storm and multiple hurricanes that damaged all nature trails, many trees, and pipes, and caused debris to be spread throughout all parks.
[2022 + BEYOND] Park Operations is implementing the use of technology through the creation of dashboards that allow real time tracking of the progress made toward achieving maintenance standards by measuring mowing cycles, staff leave time, weather conditions, and equipment downtime to measure the impacts. Park Ops will also track staff training, fleet management and employee turnover and will continue utilizing volunteers to evaluate parks on cleanliness, safety, and other maintenance issues.

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